Queen Margaret University Queen Margaret University in Musselburgh, Scotland was built in 1875 and is the first university to be built in Scotland in the 21st century.
Queen Margaret University
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Famous Queen Margaret University Alumni With top rated teachers, a hand in several areas of cutting edge research, and a rich, cultural history, it is no surprise that Queen Margaret University in Musselburgh, Scotland will have produced quite a few famous alumni.

Student life at QMU and Latest Testimonials

student life

Though arguably the most important part of college life is the education, students need far more than just lessons from their university of choice. A quiet place to study, a happening place to grab a bite to eat and socialize, opportunities and space to burn off calories and get those neurons firing; all are necessary for a well rounded and fulfilling educational experience, and Queen Margaret University offers all of these things and much more to current and prospective students. Come along as we explore student life on campus and hear testimonials from past and current students.

Studious Seclusion?

Whether you prefer to study in peace and let the creative juices flow, or collaborate with your fellow classmates, Queen Margaret University offers many options for the studious at heart. You can choose to study from the secluded comfort of your all encompassing flat, with a full kitchen, campus wide wifi and a security guard on hand; just kick back in your favorite pajamas and set to work without worry of being interrupted. Students can also choose to study at the new state of the art Learning Resource Center; with access to the library's information services 24 hours a day 7 days a week, students can make use of the countless books, journals, literary databases and international collaborations to aid in whatever course of study currently under way. Not your style? Need people around to feed you that positive energy to kick start the thinking process? Choose from any of the prime sunny sitting areas or kick back under a tree and let the knowledge pour out.

Brain Fuel?

For students looking for a quick bite, a hearty meal or something to drink, Queen Margaret University offers a catering facility available in the main dining area where students can mingle with both their fellow academics and local residents. Also, for the health conscious or just someone in search of a nice fresh crunch, the university boasts and allotted space where students and others can get together to grow vegetables. Also for the health conscious, the school has fully staffed clinics on campus designed to keep the students and staff healthy and happy.

Feeling Restless?

For students looking to blow off a little steam and get the heart pumping, Queen Margaret University offers a fully loaded sports center featuring: a fitness suite containing a variety of machines, some of which can be programmed from home so your workout is ready for you when you arrive; many different fitness classes to fit any body type or routine preference; an astroturf arena that can be booked as a whole or in two sections, depending on your activity; an indoor sports hall featuring badminton, netball, volleyball and basketball courts, a unihoc pitch and also a 5-a-side football pitch. As the sports center is also open to local residents, it offers a teen gym and also a facility that can be rented out for children's birthday parties.

Student Testimonials

Some students pick Queen Margaret University because it is the only school in the area offering the courses they want, others pick QMU because the school has an impressive graduate employment rate. Whatever their reasons, theses students are certainly satisfied with the education and opportunities they received at QMU.

Helen Smith studies Drama and Theater Arts and says the courses at QMU aided her in narrowing down what part of theater she wanted to work and allowed her to land apart time job working in the field she is studying.

Jordan Laing studies Media and Marketing and chose QMU for the high graduate employment rate. Jordan likes that the lecturer for one of his favorite classes has contacts in the field and is quite knowledgeable on the subject about which he teaches.

Kirsty Williamson studied Diagnostic radiography at QMU and says the theoretical training and on site placement during her course work prepared her for the workload she has at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

Elizabeth Bo is working on a Masters in Physiotherapy and chose QMU because the course sounded interesting. She likes that her teachers treat her and her fellow students as colleagues, as they are currently working as physiotherapists, and she can see how the work she is doing will fit into her clinics. She also enjoys the sports center and student union and finds life at QMU good.

An integral part of any education, especially in a university setting, is feeling at home in your school. Queen Margaret University offers much more than just a top rated education; it also offers a vibrant and rewarding student life, a high graduate employment rate and plenty of opportunities for the students to interact with knowledgeable teachers and even the local residents on a daily basis.