Queen Margaret University Queen Margaret University in Musselburgh, Scotland was built in 1875 and is the first university to be built in Scotland in the 21st century.
Queen Margaret University
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Famous Queen Margaret University Alumni With top rated teachers, a hand in several areas of cutting edge research, and a rich, cultural history, it is no surprise that Queen Margaret University in Musselburgh, Scotland will have produced quite a few famous alumni.

The Queen Margaret University

queen margaret university

Queen Margaret University in Musselburgh, Scotland was built in 1875 and is the first university to be built in Scotland in the 21st century. Rich in history and tradition, and with a mission and values focused on improving quality of life on both a local and worldwide scale, QMU has much to offer the modern student.

Formerly known as The Edinburgh School of Cookery, QMU was founded for two reasons; to be the center of the U.K.'s "Women's Movement" aimed at gaining educational equality for women, and to aid in the effort of improving the way working class families eat. Funded and supported in major part by Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, the school went on to change history with its innovative contributions to the way cooking and dietary requirements were viewed by both Scotland's various school boards and military. In 1972, the name was changed to Queen Margaret University in order to allow for expansion and the inclusion of new fields of study.

A community focused facility, Queen Margaret University operates with respect and sharing in mind. Promoting equality and diversity, QMU has core values they believe are essential to carrying out their vision and mission: finding and supporting new and current methods of sustainability, producing confident and ambitious staff able to instill the same characteristics in students, an excellent reputation for teaching and the sharing of knowledge and research, and teaming up with people around the world to promote and support local and international enterprise. The university hosts many events, meetings and presentations on various topics from "How to choose different wedding anniversary gifts" to "Brexit effects" and "New research methodologies"

Offering degrees that range from the Arts and Social Sciences to Business Management and even into the health field, QMU is an ideal choice for the progressive thinking student ready to change the world for the better. Students can choose from a variety of subjects, have access to some of highest rated teachers in the U.K., and even contribute to cutting edge research in varying fields. Students would also have access to round the clock security and religious services in the University's Student Village with its all inclusive rentals, as well as the shops and sights of historic Musselburgh.

Choosing the right school to further one's education is an essential step in planning for the future. With its culture rich history, student focused approach to learning, and contributions to life altering research for people around the world, Queen Margaret University would be a prime choice for any forward thinking student.